District Cub News

Doc Smith Challenge

This year it is being held on Saturday the 1st October starting at 2.00pm in 1st Falkirk’s Hall. The hall will be open from 1.30 for everyone to arrive and get set up. We are following the usual format which is :

Each pack can bring 1 six comprising

2 x 8 year olds

2 x 9 year olds

2 x 10 year olds


Each pack must bring a base and I need to know in advance what base you are bringing, this will be first come, first served so that we don’t have 3 groups all wanting to lob pingpong balls into cups. A base can be any activity and there are also 3 rooms upstairs which can be used if there is any need (thinking back to the year someone was playing 10 seconds of music to be identified). There is usually anything between 5-10 minutes for each base depending on the number of groups who turn up. The scoring is very simple, you practise on your own group first then we all rotate round the hall and have a turn at everyones base.

We will be finished by 4.30pm and only the winners will be announced.


Please let me know by 23rd October if you want to come along and join in.


Torch Parade

This year we are aiming for Saturday the 19th November at 6.30pm in the Barrwood car park. I’ll ask the SAS if they are available to help with the car flow.

At the meeting we discussed an alternative route for this year, probably a bit longer and a bit more challenging although still well within the reach of Cub Scouts. The cost will be £1.00 again and a burger and juice will be provided at the Barn at the end.


Can we have a couple of volunteers to come up during the day and get a fire ready and be able to run the fire at night? (We have a risk assessment in place so that side is done)


Can we also have 6 volunteers to run the BBQ? I can do all the shopping and arrange to borrow a BBQ (hopefully from Beachwood in Stirling again).


This event is, as always, weather dependant which is why we are aiming for ‘early’ in the winter so that we have January/February to reschedule if need be.


For this I would ask that we have numbers by Friday 4th November.



Don’t have many details for this - the date for the diary is Sunday 27th November 12.00pm at the Dobbie Hall in Larbert.

There will be more details out for this shortly as I think we might need numbers quite soon.


Next Year

The idea of a Five a Side tournament has been placed on the agenda for our next meeting. The district really belongs to all the groups and we can hold events with everyones help and support, at the moment we have decided to have another meeting mid-January but haven’t yet set a date. Please start having a think about what you would like to see run next year. An idea briefly discussed was about having ‘programme’ events at the Barrwood, perhaps visitors attending and several groups could all come along. Perhaps visitors more difficult to arrange or able to fit in larger numbers. Any ideas?