There is a strict NO SMOKING OR VAPING policy within the Denny Scout Centre         

  1. Name and address of hall:  The name and address of the hall is Denny Scout Centre, Duke Street, Denny, FK6 6NP. [Behind the West Park Church.] and this should be used for publicity, newspaper articles and all other purposes.
  2. Bookings: All bookings and cancellations must be made through the Hall Booking Co-ordinator. This will avoid any confusion or double bookings.  Bookings should be made as far in advance as possible.

3.   Hall Security:  To ensure hall security it is essential that hall users, [who will be deemed responsible for the hall] are aware if other people enter or leave the premises. To help with this there is a warning alarm fitted to the door to alert you when the door is being opened.   During the time of your booking if you hear this alarm it is your responsibility to check who is entering the building. If you have concerns over anyone entering the premises  without legitimate business ask them to leave. If they do not leave you should contact the police. When you leave please ensure the premises are securely locked.

4.  Cleaning and clearing: All hall users must wipe tables after use and sweep up any crumbs or mess - brushes and shovels are kept in the cleaning cupboard which opens off the passage leading through to the Hall and there is a vacuum cleaner in the boiler room. Liquid spillages should be mopped up immediately. Bins used must be emptied (into the bins outside behind the church) prior to leaving the premises and left with a clean bin-liner. No equipment or personal clothing should be left out in the hall and tables and chairs must be stacked and stored accordingly.  Before leaving all hall users must check that all the lights are switched off. [Entrance Hall, Kitchen and Toilet lights switch off automatically]

5. Toilets: The toilets and sinks should be left clean and tidy, spillages should be mopped up. Female toilets have sanitary bins.  Feminine hygiene items and nappies must not be flushed down the toilet, they must be bagged & put in the bin outside, when leaving the hall. (New bin liners in cleaning cupboard)

6.  Kitchen Hygiene: Kitchen facilities are available, but any one booking cannot have sole use. The use of the kitchen must be shared with all users, however, each user is responsible for ensuring that their members adhere to current food handling regulations and that they leave the kitchen clean and tidy.   The small corner sink is specifically for the washing of hands prior to food handling - soap and paper towels are provided in the dispensers. Guidelines on food hygiene are exhibited on the wall in the kitchen.  Kitchen users must check that the hotwater boiler etc are switched off before leaving.

7.  Entrance and Exit Doors: While the hall is being used the main entrance door must remain unlocked as it is also a fire exit. The disabled access is through the rear door of the hall, which can be accessed via the rear hall corridor. Hall users are responsible for ensuring that all their members are fully informed of emergency evacuation procedures - these are displayed throughout the premises.

8.  Emergency Arrangements:  There is NO access to a telephone; therefore hall users must have a mobile phone with them to use in case of an emergency.   The person who books the premises must also  take  complete  responsibility  for  being  fully aware  of the  emergency  arrangements  in order  to inform their members  and/or service  users.   Routes to fire exits [front and rear doors] must be kept clear at all times and appropriate doors are unlocked during hall usage.

A .In the event of a fire- Ensure that everyone is evacuated from the building (see regulation 7 Entrance and Exit Doors) and that the Fire Brigade is called immediately by dialing 999

B. Fire Extinguishers- Are   located in the Kitchen, front entrance corridor , main hall and rear corridor.    

A fire blanket is also available in the kitchen.  The Fire Extinguishers are checked regularly.

In the event  of an emergency  and  once the  other procedures  have  been  implemented  please  also notify Hall Booking Co-ordinator on 01324 823823 (Russell Smith)                                   .

9.   First-Aid Box and Accident I Incident Book:  There is a first-aid box located in the kitchen and a second one in the hall corridor. If either first-aid box is used a report must be completed in the accident I incident book and Hall booking agent informed.  The First-aid boxes are checked regularly.

It is a legal requirement to report certain injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences which happen on the premises. An Accident Book can be found in the kitchen next to the fire blanket. In the event of an incident a report must be completed in the Accident Book. ALL DONATIONS AND ACCIDENT/INCIDENT REPORTS MUST BE PLACED IN THE LOCKED POST BOX which is on the wall before you enter the main hall.

10. Notices/Posters:  Notices/posters to promote hall users & their events may only be displayed on the '  General Notice-board' in the hall corridor. Notices must not be fixed to walls and doors.  Sticky-tape or Blu-Tac must not be used on paint-work.