District Equipment


District Equipment List (Sheet from 2019 AGM) - Contact District Secretary

Region / Funday Equipment List (Sheet from 2019 AGM) - Contact Alan Wallace

93rd Braes Equipment List (Sheet from 2019 AGM) - Contact Alan Wallace 


Region / Funday Equipment - contact alanadcfalkirk@hotmail.co.uk

Climbing          Climbing Harnesses/ Climbing Helmets/Ropes/Various Climbing Metalwork


                          Velcro Wall with sticky suits and ball


Triple Bungee Run

Giant Zorb (owned jointly with Bishopton)

Inflatable boxing ring (owned jointly with Bishopton)

Bouncy Slide


Water Activities          Inflatable Planets x 4

                                       Inflatable Assault Course x2

                                       Water Rollers x2

                                       38m Water Slide

                                       Hoover Blower

 Petrol Blowers x2

Electric Blowers x 21

                                       Sit on Kayaks x 10

                                       Kayaks x 8



Water sports Helmets

Surf Boards x 5

                                       Bouyancy Aids

Water Polo - Kayaks/ BouyancyAids/Helmets/

    Spray Decks/Polo Balls/Paddles



Yoga Balls & Jacks

Soft Archery

Laser Tag Guns

Wild Slings

Galaxy Inflatable Tubes

Tennis Racquets

Moveable mats

Pillow fight pillows

Giant Chess

Giant Draughts

Giant Connect 4

Giant Twister

Giant Darts


Giant  “Operation” Games


93rd Braes Equipment - contact alanadcfalkirk@hotmail.co.uk

Inflatables           Bouncy Castles 12’, 15’, 25’

 Electric Blowers

Petrol Generator

Beaver Buoyancy Aids

Climbing    Harnesses/ Helmets/ Rope/ Slings/ metalworks

Soft Archery x 3

Nerf Guns x 40 plus

Supersoakers x 20

Hoverboards x 6

Giant Buzzers

Water Rockets

Wooden Crossbows & Pegs

Yoga Balls & Jacks

Helmets with water carry bowls

Hammocks with nets & tarps x 19

Basic Hammocks

Box Trailer