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Youth Approved Award

All leaders should be aware of the Youth Approved Award. This has been developed by young people to encourage youth involvement at all levels in Scouting. Youth involvement is important at all levels to ensure youth members are getting the best experiences from Scouting. I have attached a pdf with more info about the award and the requirements for each level. You should find that you already fulfil a number of the requirements. Apply for foundation first, then bronze, then silver. The gold level hasn't been released yet but will be in the future. Explorer Units should apply for the section level at Foundation and Bronze. Explorers come under district level for Silver.

Although things are a bit different just now, please make sure the young people are still involved and can have their say. Also ensure Scouts know they will still be able to move on to Explorers and/or become a Young Leader. Similarly ensure Explorers/Young Leaders know they can progress to Network/Adult Leader.

Youth Approved Award Requirements: Click Here

Apply Online: Click Here

Useful info to assist application for Foundation from Rosyth District: Click Here 


For more info about Youth Involvement and ideas see:

Scouts Scotland: Click Here

UK Scouts: Click Here

UK Scouts Programme: Click Here



SHQ Youth Involvement Snot Fair programme activity

SHQ Youth Involvement Bus Shelter programme activity

SHQ Youth Involvement Ping Pong Vote programme activity

SHQ Youth Involvement Online Survey programme activity

SHQ Youth Involvement Programme Posters programme activity

SHQ Youth Involvement Trading Post programme activity



UK YouShape Postcards (Activity Ideas)

Activity Inspirations

Youth Shaped Scouting (Info/Activities)


UK YouShape Postcards (Activity Ideas)

Activity Inspirations

Youth Shaped Scouting (Info/Activities)


UK YouShape Postcards (Activity Ideas)

Activity Inspirations

Youth Shaped Scouting (Info/Activities)


UK YouShape Postcards (Activity Ideas)

Activity Inspirations

Youth Shaped Scouting (Info/Activities)


UK YouShape Postcards (Activity Ideas)

Activity Inspirations 


District Youth Advisory Group

Looking for a few people who would be interested in joining the District Youth Advisory Group from groups/units not currently represented at our next meeting. Next meeting is postponed at this time, however we have a group chat where items can be discussed. It is made up of young people aged 14-25 from across the district and meets 3/4 times a year to discuss ideas/thoughts and to develop youth involvement. 

If anyone has anything they want discussed at the meeting let me or one of the other group members know.   


Chris Campbell

Fill out the Young Person Information Form and bring it with you on the day. Let me know before the event if you are coming:


Or on the Falkirk District Explorers + Young Leaders Facebook group here


YouShape 2019

Can I point out the YouShape section further down the Jan membership email:

YouShape 2019 and the YouShape Award consultation. February is YouShape month. We have resources for each section to use (available on to encourage young people to make more decisions, shape their own programmes and take on leadership roles. YouShape badges are also available to purchase.

This year, we're also consulting on the future of YouShape, as we look to move away from a moment in the year to embed Youth Shaped Scouting as a key part of the programme. We hope that, within your plans for February, you are able to ask young people their views and submit their ideas to us as well as your feedback. We'd love to hear from as many adult volunteers and young people as possible.

Visit to download the consultation pack that explains the proposed YouShape Award and how to submit your feedback.



Christopher Campbell