Become a Manager in Scouting 

Being a Manager

You might not think of yourself as a 'manager' but volunteers responsible for supporting adults who work with young people are. These roles are important to make sure leaders can get the best support possible so in turn they can provide the best experience for young people.

How to Volunteer 

We currently have a few positions needing filled. To find out what these are, what they involve and to see which role would suit you, please contact our District Commissioner here


Although these involve working with adults there are also times when you can still work with young people directly if you want. Find out more about the different sections here or groups here to see which one you may like to help support. 


What Do Managers Do?

Group Scout Leaders and Commissioners are the main 'managers' in Scouting. Their role is to support other adult volunteers so they are motivated and inspired to provide first class scouting opportunities for young people. Whether it’s someone to talk to or thank them, practical help with recruiting other volunteers or assisting organising larger events and ensuring everything runs smoothly, 'managers' are essential in Scouting.

If you are a manager at work, good at working with adults or looking for a new role in Scouting then this is the role for you.   

Why Volunteer with Scouts?

Our adult volunteers get just as much out of Scouting as our young people do. As well as helping young people to enjoy the adventure of Scouting, you’ll also have fun, make friends, develop current and new skills, enhance your CV and have unforgettable experiences.