How to Join

Why join Scouts?

What you'll learn in Scouts will stay with you forever. Scouts gives young people opportunities to develop the skills that will set them up for life.

Adventure For All

You can join Scouting at any stage of your life, from 6 years old and beyond. At 18 you can continue your Scouting adventure by joining the Scout Network or stay on as an adult volunteer.


Discover What You Can Do

Scouting gives young people aged between 6 and 25 years old the opportunity to discover just what they can do and what they can achieve. From spending their first night away from home to planning an international expedition, the unique experiences Scouts of all ages enjoy help them to realise their full potential and set them up with skills for life.



To find out more about each section click on the pictures below. To find out more about volunteering click here


Find your nearest group on the UK Scouts page here 


Use the 'Get involved' contact form through the link above to enquire about joining or via our District Groups Page


Making A Difference

We give young people and adults unforgettable experiences and life-changing opportunities, regardless of background, ability, gender or sexuality. And it’s not just our members who benefit from Scouting; the work we do makes a difference in communities across Scotland.


Skills For Life

Not only do our young people and volunteers have fun and make friends through Scouting, they also learn vital skills for life, including independence, social skills, first aid, problem solving, leadership, and teamwork. Some of our top awards are even recognised by the UK University admissions body UCAS.


Creating A Positive Impact

Scouting encourages and supports young people to become active citizens and make a positive difference to society. We are committed to making sure Scouting is as diverse as the communities we represent. We want young people to have a voice in Scouting and beyond. 


How to join Scouts

You can join Scouts at any stage of your life, from 6 years-old. We have different sections for different ages. If you want to get involved as a young person or a volunteer, get in touch with your local group.

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